15 Mar

All you need to know cooking guide for college students

As a college student living on your own in a dorm, there is not a lot you can do when it comes to food. Either you rely on takeout or stick to the totally unhealthy instant foods that’ll probably end up killing you in a couple years. So here are some tips you could use to cook a proper meal while living in a college dorm.

Try scratch than box

Although you might find the pre-packed boxes of brownie, pancake mix and whatnot are your ideal solutions for a midnight snack or an actual meal, the reality is that you are probably better off without these. These are in fact a complete waste of money. So rather than struggling about with the boxes, you could simply start off from scratch with raw ingredients instead. They would not only taste better but would probably cost lesser as well! You could also try enrolling in hands on cooking class singapore during your free time to be able to cook much better meals!

Pasta could be much more

Pasta isn’t only limited to jarred sauce. There is so much more that you could eat it with. You could make a simple gravy with chicken stock, a few spices and flavors and use as a much better sauce or steam up some frozen veggies and combine them with butter, cheese and a couple pieces of chicken to create one amazing bowl of pasta. The secret though is not limiting your options and trying out different combinations to create one a heck of a pasta!

Learn a couple basic recipes

You could obviously survive with ramen and all other sorts of quick foods, however knowing how to make even some of the most basic meals would definitely go a long way. You could not only be able to eat fuller but most importantly not die of instant foods running through your veins! So even if it something as cooking up an omelet or pancakes, learn how to make them from scratch rather than relying only on junk foods and McDonald’s!

Avoid too many gadgets and cutleries

As a college student you might find yourself travelling a lot. One minute you could be living in a cramped up dorm and the next you would be moving out to a more spacious apartment. So don’t overstock your pantry with a number of plates and cutleries. Instead have a couple essential gadgets like a mini rice cooker, blender or food processor and a couple cutleries. In case you do find yourself needing extras momentarily purchase the disposable kinds!

There is so much you can do with a little as a college student. The secret is knowing not to always rely on the easy way out!

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