23 Jul

How to plan for a successful bachelor’s party

A lot of bachelor’s party are known to be on the wet and wild. This is something that would make the celebration worth remembering for the groom and his guests. However if you come and think about it having a bachelors party is intended mainly for the groom. He should be given the opportunity to spend his last days of being single with close family members and friends.

Hosting or planning a bachelor’s party for someone close to your heart is a very sweet gesture every groom would appreciate. You want to make it very memorable and hassle free. Here are some tips to make your planning a lot easier especially if it is your first time doing it.

Just invite the right number of guests

If you are in charge of planning a gentleman’s night do not get too excited because you might end up inviting too many people. A crowded party is something that most people do not enjoy. Make the event as intimate as possible. Limit your guests to 10 to 15 persons only. Choose the ones that are closest to the groom to be.

Set a conducive date of the bachelors party

Never ever plan a bachelor’s party the night before the wedding day. Unless you want your guests to end up looking wasted and hungover. Remember that the groom needs to be well prepared so let him enjoy his beauty sleep the night before his wedding day. It would b ideal to set the date one week before the wedding day.

Look for a location that would be perfect for the party

You can have the party anywhere you wish to but you also have to think about the comfort of your guests and the things that you have to do. If you are getting married in Sydney you can rent a yacht and cruise down the harbour. You can also choose a venue that has a swimming pool and an outdoor are that are perfect for games and other activities that you have in mind. 

Make a checklist of what to do

Planning a bachelor’s party is an easy thing to do for those who did it before. But if you are a novice then you should plan things carefully. Just like any other party a gentleman’s night can be pretty overwhelming. That is why you need to make a checklist to keep everything in order. From food, drinks, venue and forms of entertainment everything is expected to go smoothly.

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