30 Mar

Remember to put your best foot forward

The idea of living the rest of your life with one person can be overwhelming and the even more nerve wrecking issue is not being certain if the feeling is mutual. While we do tell our friends that it is better to have loved and lost than not love at all,we all know that rejection can be painful, hurtful out outright embarrassing.

So be it asking her to prom or to be a girl friend or you finally picking up the courage to say adios to your glorious bachelor days, one thing is for sure. You want to do it right! And anybodywho has done the drill will tell you that a must have for all these occasions is a bouquet of flowers that would be an extension of your promise you want to make to her.

Flowers, like words have an underling language that speaks to the recipient’s heart. It partly conveys your love and your feelings to that special someone and does half of your job for you any way. That is a load of your back is it not?

Now that is it decided you will stick to the flowers there is the question of choosing a bouquet that will complement the occasion and most importantly, be something that your lady love will appreciate. Here are a few tips to help you out.

How to pick the perfect flower bouquet?

Well this all depends on your lady’s likes and preferences. So there is no telling that a bouquet has to be a certain way. Some think less is more and some like to make heads turn. Either way, what is important is that you speak to her heart and tell her that you want her in your life. romantic bouquets Singapore come is a wide range of colours, combinations , add-ons and what nots to make sure that you can speak your heart to her in a way that she is unable to resist.

Think flowers are a silly idea? Wait till you get there.

When you are in her presence and cannot quite find the right words to say it out loud you are going to be thankful that you decided to go along with the flowers after all. So yes with flowers you can never go wrong and it really does not have to be a special day or an occasion, you can present her with something unique because she is as special as any day in your life together would be.

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