29 Sep

Steps to Throw a Luxurious Birthday Party

It’s not every day that you turn 21, 25, 30 or 50! They are important and hence require a grand celebration. If you are up for a big party, then there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure you make a statement in people’s minds. So here are some important things to keep in mind, so you can have the best birthday ever!

  1. Venue

Go big or go home! The ultimate party venue will let your guests know you were not kidding when you said you will be going over the top this time. Book the most extravagant banquet hall in town or the rooftop of a skyscraper or get a cruise ship for the party. This will be a great idea and event that people look forward to and also will talk about for the years to come.

  • Theme

A theme will add some fun to your party and make sure the guests are all on board with night’s activities. Do not pick a simple colour theme and tell your guests to all wear pink. Rather, pick an interesting theme such as superheroes, masquerade ball, Bollywood night, retro night etc. Plan all your activities as per the set theme. For example, if you have a retro party, organize games such as best disco dancer, best afro, 70s karaoke contest, widest pant bottom contest etc. Make sure you get all guests involved in these games so that all can have fun.

  • Décor

Now that you have a theme, base all your décor as per it. A masquerade ball will feature masks and candles while a retro party will feature disco balls, plenty of glitter, fancy headbands, sunglasses and belts. Since you are going big, spend on huge balloon arches at the entrance, chocolate fountains, ice sculptures etc. End the party with a bash; have a fireworks display that will woo the whole crowd.

  • Food and drinks

The extravagant cocktails are a must. Have a wine tasting bar by the pool, serve unlimited beer and make sure your guests are well attended to. The food menu is something you need to pay close attention to. People do not usually spend time sitting down and eating using cutlery, rather they like to walk around and have a bite while mingling with people. Arrange for finger foods that match the occasion. Some caviar, exclusive cheeses, meat etc. can surely add to a mouthwatering palette. Do not forget the non-alcoholic beverages such as juices, non-alcoholic beer and cider, mocktails etc.

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